Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mynista Launches New Clothing Line [Flyy Faith]

We've heard it said like this: "If you liked pizza before you gave your life to Christ, you'll like pizza after you've given your life to Christ." The same thing applies to style and fashion. If you liked fresh and flyy clothing before your conversion, you're still going to want to dress fresh and flyy now. FLYY FAITH was birthed to help you do just that! Not only will you look and feel fresh while draped in the latest FLYY FAITH apparel, but every original design is a bold statement of faith in Christ Jesus as well. Wear life!



Tony said...

Our family loves these shirts! People are constantly marketing evil and death and these shirts turn that around for good! Thanks for the refreshing. Keep up the good works!
The Archer family

Anonymous said...

Would LOVE to have'em. How can I get'em? Tia

Mynista a.k.a. Docta Wuzdead said...

Tia: You can buy from me in person, or you can visit and buy from the online store. We have the new gray ones on stock right now!

Anonymous said...

Mynista i would like to say thanks on behalf of us that came from the streets. Im new in my faith and i still own shirts and such with skulls on them. Only problem is I have to wear them because its all i have. I cant wait to blessed with your line. And like i said for us coming from the streets and the "game" you help make this difficult transition that much easier knowin you did it too. GOD BLESS!